This map is for Burian Buffet at orchard, not for Web store collection site.  Please go to Batu 8 Mantin for web store collection site. 
You have sevaral route options coming to Mantin.  Mantin is approximately 50km from Kuala Lumpur.
If you need more information in regards to LEKAS highway, please browse this site:-
1. From LEKAS Highway PAJAM Exit 2103, drive through Pajam town, you shall pass-by College Height (On your left). You shall arrive a traffic light junction, turn right towards Mantin town. Distance from Lekas toll gate till this junction is 5.2km. 
2(a) This is the landmark when you are in front of junction stated in item 2. You shall enter Kampung Seri Mantin (Kampung Baharu Mantin) and drive along Jalan Mantin-Lenggeng (N31).
4. Take note that the Durian Orchard Entrance is next to the Taman Desa Mantin Fencing. Please park at entrance & walk in by foot. 300m from main road.

GPS N02°49.902’ E101°53.519’ Elevation 85 meter 

 2. Drive along Jalan Mantin towards Mantin town, you shall pass by Lagenda College (On you right), Bomba (On your left) and stops at this traffic junction, turn left towards Jalan Mantin Lenggeng.  If from LEKAS Highway Mantin Exit 2104, just enter Mantin town & you can find this traffic light junction (400m from Police station/Maybank). 

3. At the 4th Junction on your left or about 500m from traffic light, you shall see this signboard with many taman names listed. Please turn left at this junction. You shall see the Durian orchard entrance in 200m. Distance from traffic light till this junction is 500m. If you missed this junction, you probably passing-by "Pasaraya Zemart", please make a "U" turn back.
5. You have reached the destination, this is the Durian Orchard Entrance. It is approximately 200 meter from car park.

GPS N02°50.069’ E101°53.564’ Elevation 65 Meter